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Are you looking for gifts to thank your employees or maintain your customer relationships?

Pure Altitude has the solution!

Each Pure Altitude product reflects the art of mountain living and beauty, embodying values ​​of authenticity and respect for the environment.

Offering a corporate gift from Pure Altitude means sharing a burst of Alpine elegance, symbolizing discreet and accessible luxury , while highlighting Made In France.

Whether to mark the launch of a new project , celebrate a successful collaboration or simply to maintain a presence in the minds of your clients, add a touch of alpine elegance to their environment with a house water, a candle, a diffuser ... and complete this sensory immersion with a hand cream, a lip balm , perfect to take anywhere!

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rarity, technicality & pleasure

The mountain as a gift

At Pure Altitude, discover comforting products with melting, delicious textures and fresh scents evocative of the mountains. We offer tailor-made customization, particularly for our hand creams and lip balms, allowing an infinite variation adapted to all your desires.

At the Summit of Cosmetic Care

Why choose your corporate gifts from Pure Altitude?

Pure Altitude was born in the relaxing world of Fermes de Marie in Megève. It was by creating an alpine garden with a botanist specializing in mountain plants that Jocelyne Sibuet discovered the cosmetic virtues of Edelweiss.

It is an innovative, original and cutting-edge treatment line resulting from the expertise of our high-altitude spas, pioneers since 1990 , adapted to the demands of a demanding clientele.

Made in France , each Pure Altitude product, with its creamy textures and irresistibly delicious scents , invites you on a sensory journey , with the added bonus of evocative mountain names for a total change of scenery: Secret of the Alps, Snow Crystal Scrub , Frost Flowers, Himalayan Elixir ... and this with total respect for the environment.

OUR COMMITMENTS & our values

Made in France

Plant raw materials

No animal raw materials

0% Parabens

Protected organic cultivation





Business gifts for every occasion

Why limit yourself to offering a corporate gift during the end-of-year holidays?

Many occasions deserve to be celebrated to honor the daily investment of your employees and your customers: birthdays, 10, 20 or 30 year jubilees, birth, departure, return after a prolonged absence or simply to express your gratitude for their commitment.

At Pure Altitude, we offer gift ideas throughout the year , to help you stand out among your employees and celebrate each important milestone in their journey within your company.

We invite you to discover our ranges, permanently available!

Pure Altitude is your preferred partner for strengthening lasting professional ties with our selection of business gifts.

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