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Gala - November 15, 2017

In December 2017, the Pure Altitude Spa at Fermes de Marie was voted Best Mountain Spa at the Gala Spa Awards... Discover the article dedicated to it...

Spa Fermes de Marie élu plus beau spa de montagne

In December 2017, the Pure Altitude Spa at Fermes de Marie was voted Best Mountain Spa at the Gala Spa Awards... Discover the article dedicated to it...

First Edition of Gala Spa Awards

To celebrate the end of the year in style, Gala launches its first edition of the Gala Spa Awards, putting the best spas in France in competition. On the agenda: 42 nominees, 7 categories, and 9 awards. Selected addresses throughout the country, in the most beautiful hotels and palaces. But also in different environments (sea, mountain, countryside) and above all. Each with breathtaking decors... The verdict? While they have all been chosen for their specificities, exceptional treatments, interiors, or their sharp approach to fitness, beauty, and well-being, these establishments have one thing in common: helping us let go. And that, is worth its weight in gold! Discover our 2018 winners in text and images!

Pure Altitude Spa, Les Fermes de Marie, Megève

Before the spa trend took off, Jocelyne Sibuet was the first to open Pure Altitude spaces in her hotels, with treatments designed for mountain enthusiasts, skiers, or those just seeking relaxation.

Where is it?

In the very chic town of Megève. It's a collection of nine chalets, built with centuries-old materials gathered by the Sibuet family in the Savoie and Valais regions. A magical place named after the couple's daughter, who now, along with her brother Nicolas, has taken over the reins of the various Sibuet Maisons.

You're the Star

The warm welcome from the staff, both VIP and friendly, is very pleasant. Natural herbal teas, spiced teas... Everything here is designed to envelop you in softness from the moment you arrive and, above all, to help you let go and leave feeling beautiful. We loved the relaxation room with its large comfortable armchairs and soothing gray tones... A unique ambiance.


Natural, warm with a mountain spirit evoking ice, birch forests, pebbles smoothed by torrents, and glaciers. Everything is original, in perfect harmony with the environment. Jocelyne Sibuet, a decoration enthusiast, had everything made by local artisans. 17 very relaxing cabins are next to the indoor glass-walled pool which reveals the gardens and mountains. Jacuzzis and saunas (indoors and outdoors) allow communion with nature, the fitness room is designed to warm up muscles before hitting the ski slopes.

Signed by

Pure Altitude, 100% natural, 100% Alpine products, based on 200 plants and minerals, developed by Jocelyne Sibuet in collaboration with an eco-responsible laboratory. The treatments are revitalizing and reinvigorating. And to pamper your hair, the Leonor Greyl haircare brand.

The Wow Treatment

The Alps Energy Ritual. A 60-minute massage, alternating stretches, deep tissue massage, tapping with mini linen pouches filled with salts and Alpine plants. A treatment that releases all tensions, boosts energies, and leaves the skin ultra-soft. Ideal for relieving stress upon arrival or after a day on the slopes (1 hour, €160)

Open all year round, except in April. Tel.: 04 50 93 03 10 ,

Text by Anne-Marie Cattelain Le Dû

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