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Discover our Beauty Routine special for winter sports!

In winter, the skin is put to the test. Pure Altitude has prepared its selection of down jacket treatments for you which can be used both in the mountains for après-ski and in the city to combat the cold and attacks.

Les 10 meilleurs soins après ski de Pure Altitude

In winter, the skin is put to the test. Pure Altitude has prepared its selection of down jacket treatments for you which can be used both in the mountains for après-ski and in the city to combat the cold and attacks.

Alpine Milk - Cleansing & Softening

During winter sports, you don't spare your skin during the day to protect it - serum, sunscreen, lip balm... In the evening, when you return from skiing, you conscientiously and gently remove makeup. To comfort your skin, you choose an enveloping and velvety milk texture, like that of the Alpine Milk, with an ultra-soft formula and ingredients evocative of the mountains: edelweiss, arnica, honey, echinacea, hazelnut oil, gentian, rosehip, and blueberry.

Beauty Tips: Pour the milk into the palm of your hand, emulsify on dry skin over the entire face and neck, massage in circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water using plant-based sponges, or with a cotton pad soaked in Melissa and Mint Herbal Water.

Frost Flowers Mask - Soothing & Repairing

Ultra-fresh upon application, this mask provides soothing and comfort to the skin marked by cold and sun after a day in the mountains... It relaxes the features while moisturizing the skin, which, immediately 'recharged,' is softer and more radiant. Edelweiss, anti-aging, and horsetail, remineralizing, are combined with softening and soothing actives: mallow, pansy, lemon balm, with nourishing hazelnut and St. John's wort oils to relax the features while regenerating the skin.

Beauty Tips: 1 to 2 times a week, apply a layer to the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour.

- In the morning for an instant boost: leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse gently with lukewarm water.

- In the evening as a treatment: Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, remove the excess and let it penetrate all night. For even more freshness, store this mask in the refrigerator.

Eye Contour Care - Anti-aging & Anti-dark circles

The eye contour is one of the most fragile areas of our face, and in winter, between polar cold and icy wind, it takes a beating! To protect it from external aggressions, we rely on the light cream texture of the Sève de Vie Eye Contour Care, based on edelweiss, maca root, birch sap, antarcticine, with scientifically proven regenerating and anti-aging properties. This complex, enriched with vitamin E, and integrated into a concentrate of nature - rowan bud, jojoba oil, olive unsaponifiables - combined with hyaluronic acid, specially formulated for the eye contour, reduces crow's feet, puffiness, and dark circles. The fragile skin of the eye contour, thus repaired, is ready to face winter.

Beauty Tips: Apply every evening to the eye contour to repair the eye area. No need to tap, blood circulation is better stimulated if you press a little firmly! You can use the Eye Contour Care as a mask: apply a medium layer on the dark circles for a nice tightening effect.

Hydra Antarctica Serum - Ultra-Hydrating & Ultra-Regenerating

To face the winter chill, nothing beats a moisturizing treatment from the cold and inspired by the peaks. Pure Altitude introduces you to a facial serum with polar actives, the essential potion for spending winter in beauty. Bursting with thirst-quenching actives, this intensive hydration concentrate restores the skin's natural moisture balance and ensures 12 hours of hydration to the skin. A true thirst-quenching serum to be applied before the cream, morning and evening.

Beauty Tips: Apply every evening before bed, after removing makeup and before night cream to intensely rehydrate the epidermis. With its fluid, almost gel-like texture, the serum is applied in a quick gesture, without massaging, for optimal hydration.

Himalaya Elixir - Regenerating & Radiance Boosting

When the essential oil of Damascus rose and Nepalese rhododendron meets the queen of the Alps, edelweiss, the skin gets a second wind. A few drops of this precious cocktail of nourishing vegetable oils and regenerating essential oils, the perfect combo for an intense regeneration cure your skin needs during winter.

Beauty Tips: Apply the Himalaya Elixir in the evening, in a 21-day cure, alone or under the Rich Cream or Nutrialpes Cream. You can also enrich your Rosalpina Youth Mask with a few drops of this serum to revitalize the skin.

Rich Cream - Anti-Wrinkle & Regenerating

Ideal for comforting skin stressed by cold and wind during the day on the ski slopes, this high-regeneration downy cream is specially dedicated to the specific needs of devitalized skin. Bursting with powerful anti-aging actives and composed of water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers, its formula protects, revitalizes, and intensely nourishes. Key Actives: LIFTAlpes active trio, hyaluronic acid, musk rose oil, vitamin E, rockrose, and organic silicon.

Beauty Tips: Apply morning and/or evening to perfectly cleansed face. Using fingertips, perform light circular massages to help the cream penetrate and stimulate blood microcirculation, for relaxed and rested features.

Like Snow - Relaxing & Regenerating Body Cream

This hydrating body cream provides nutrition and comfort to devitalized skin. Its melting texture, like whipped cream, is enriched with pearlescent particles for a beautiful iridescent effect on the skin. Its formula with Arctic berries and malachite brings suppleness and elasticity to the epidermis and revitalizes and protects the skin, perfect for relaxing after a day on the slopes!

Beauty Tips: Apply in the evening, after showering, for an incredible feeling of comfort. Leaves a soft and delicate scent on the skin and a slightly iridescent effect, perfect for the evening!

Alpine Delight - Lip Balm

To repair lips, fragile after a day skiing down the slopes, choose the Gourmandise des Alpes lip balm, which nourishes, hydrates, and repairs dry or chapped lips, leaving a protective and iridescent film with the sweet scent of raspberry... Kisses from Megève!

Beauty Tips: If the lips are already chapped, apply a thick layer, leave on for a few minutes, then gently brush with a very soft toothbrush. Dead skin flakes disappear, lips regain suppleness and softness.

Mountain Balm - SOS Repair Face & Body Balm

Extreme comfort with this all-in-one SOS repairing balm. It acts like a bandage when the epidermis is irritated or sensitized by the sun, cold, stress, or pollution. Its formula with edelweiss, raspberry seed oil - repairing, soothing, and nourishing - enriched with essential oils (lavandin, coriander, mint, orange, petitgrain, sage, and geranium) calms cracks and everyday minor injuries. An essential balm to always have with you!

Beauty Tips: Place a warm, damp towel on the area to be treated, leave for a few moments, then apply the Balm previously warmed in the palm of your hand in a thick layer. Cover again with the towel and leave on for 5 min. The skin is repaired in minutes.

Alpine Secret - Hand Repair Cream

Even under gloves, our hands are subjected to harsh conditions in winter. So we rediscover the pleasure of pampering our hands, which deserve an anti-aging and protective treatment adapted: take everywhere your small round box of nourishing cream with a powdery texture, for velvety hands. Edelweiss, arnica, echinacea, raspberry oil, hazelnut oil, bouquet of natural essences, for intensely hydrated and durably protected hands, ready to ski down the slopes!

Beauty Tips: Apply in thick layers before bed, wear silk gloves, remove the gloves in the morning upon waking up for ultra-soft and repaired hands. Silk is beneficial for circulation in the extremities. It keeps the body warm and promotes better penetration of actives.

For any questions regarding your beauty routine, the experts at La Ferme de Beauté can advise you: info@pure-altitude.com

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