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Spring is just around the corner! It's high time to adapt your beauty routine. Goodbye to rich creams and enveloping textures, let's get a new look and focus on radiant complexion and hydration.

- When you wake up: cleanse and tone with ultra-fresh textures -

We start the day by cleansing our face with Micellar Foam with Flowers and then spraying Herbal Water with Lemon Balm and Mint to counter the harmful effects of limescale on the epidermis.


- During the day: we adopt fluid and light textures which hydrate without weighing down -

With the skin still damp, apply the Hydra Antarctica Serum without massaging, which guarantees 12 hours of light hydration, then apply the Nutri-Regenerating Emulsion , ideal for boosting the radiance of the complexion.

The day

- In the evening: treat yourself to a regenerating treatment -

And we simplify our beauty routine as much as possible by applying only one elixir at night: the Maca Root Elixir for young and dull skin, the Himalaya Elixir for tired and more mature skin. Regeneration guaranteed in less than 28 days!

The evening

- Once a week: we get a makeover -

We eliminate the dead cells accumulated on the epidermis dried out by winter with a Gentle Scrub , then we apply a soothing and repairing Mask for a luminous and rested complexion.

Once a week

- In the house: a big breath of fresh air -

It's high time to open the windows wide and bring clean air into your homes! And to delicately perfume it, we discover or rediscover our Ambiance line , and its addictive Fleurs de Neige scent.

For the House

- Pure Altitude Beauty Tips -

We stock up on seasonal vegetables and fruits and focus on colorful plates!

We drink enough to hydrate and eliminate – try the Pure Altitude Infusions , they are to die for,

We read on a deckchair in the sun and walk at least 30 minutes a day to stock up on vitamin D,

Book a Treatment at the Pure Altitude Spa to recharge your batteries.

Beauty Tips

Do you have other questions about your beauty routine?
Write to us at info@pure-altitude.com to ask us all your questions!

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