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Beauty & Art of Living in the mountains

Pure Altitude was born in the relaxing world of Fermes de Marie in Megève. It was by creating an alpine garden with a botanist specializing in mountain plants that Jocelyne Sibuet discovered the cosmetic virtues of Edelweiss.

From there came the idea of ​​a line of treatments to combine his two passions: the art of living in the mountains and beauty.

Three key words guided me in the development of each of the formulations of the Pure Altitude skincare line. Firstly, Rarity, that of natural active ingredients extracted in optimal conditions to preserve all their benefits. Then, the technicality of treatments at the cutting edge of plant-based dermo-cosmetics, involving intense cellular regeneration. And finally, Pleasure, the one sought by the women I thought of when creating this line .”

Convinced by the unique protective properties of Edelweiss, I wanted to create a line of cosmetic care that was both pure and effective.


Founder of Pure Altitude


The Beauty Farm


In 1990, the Spa des Fermes de Marie was born, then called La Ferme de Beauté. It is here that treatment protocols are developed and tested specifically to meet the expectations of high-altitude spa customers.

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A true pioneer at the time, the concept became Spa Pure Altitude in 2000, with a range of treatments specially developed for the cabins of the Spa des Fermes de Marie and became widespread. Each hotel in the Maisons et Hôtels Sibuet label now has a space entirely dedicated to well-being and beauty.


At the same time as the development of spas, the desire to create an own brand took hold... and it was in 2009 that the Pure Altitude product line with pure and natural ingredients was launched.

In addition to these key ingredients, there are velvety, creamy or granite textures, with irresistibly delicious flavors. For a total change of scenery, the evocative names, Snow Crystal Scrub, Frost Flower Mask, Secret of the Alps, offer us a real mountain walk.

An innovative, original and cutting-edge line. A brand close to your daily concerns and concerned about the environment, extracted from rare active ingredients.


Rarity, technicality, pleasure

Pure Altitude is an innovative, original and cutting-edge treatment line resulting from the expertise of our altitude spas, pioneers since 1990, adapted to the demands of a demanding clientele. It was designed around the following values:


unique plants and ingredients from the extremes


a cutting-edge, innovative formulation with natural active ingredients from the extremes, effective for visible and lasting results, care protocols specific to our products


melting, delicious textures and divine scents, evocative of the mountains

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Mountain Plant Care

At Pure Altitude, our primary desire is to use all the benefits that mountain plants have to offer us, with total respect for the environment.


The Edelweiss

Selected for its rare cosmetic virtues, edelweiss naturally stands out as the emblem of the brand and constitutes the major ingredient in Pure Altitude beauty treatments, since it is present in all our formulas.

Capable, thanks to a natural self-defense system, of resisting extreme cold as well as strong solar radiation, the white glacier flower perfectly illustrates the ability of mountain plants to survive and develop in a difficult environment. The natural properties of edelweiss make it a powerful natural protector against external aggressions and against the signs of skin aging.

Glacier Star

A powerful natural protector

From the German “edel” (noble) and “weiss” (white), edelweiss is synonymous with purity. This rare plant has always been used for its medicinal properties. The white flower of glaciers evolves in a pure and preserved environment. Edelweiss naturally contains a wide diversity of phenolic compounds (flavonoids, mucilages) which give this queen plant particularly antioxidant and softening properties.

Edelweiss is a powerful natural protector against external aggressions and against the signs of skin aging.

The natural properties of Edelweiss








Unique and protected

The edelweiss used in Pure Altitude treatments is grown on the heights of Martigny, in Valais Switzerland, by an agricultural cooperative specializing in the organic cultivation of medicinal plants and as part of a program to save mountain plants.

The flowers are harvested in late spring. After harvest, the plants are gently dried at a controlled temperature. A precious elixir is extracted from the plant, retaining all the qualities of the flower and will be integrated into the composition of each Pure Altitude product. Combining the antioxidant and softening properties of edelweiss with those of a variety of more than 50 flowers and mountain minerals, Pure Altitude treatments offer the skin rare active extracts.

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A concentrate of efficiency from nature

Mountain plants are more concentrated in active ingredients due to the physical phenomena of altitude (atmospheric pressure, UV intensity), but also to the harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, given the brevity of the vegetative period, the plant is obliged to strengthen itself in order to survive and reproduce very quickly.

In order to enrich the formulas of the Pure Altitude range, we have chosen to combine Edelweiss with around fifty mountain plant extracts which contain multiple virtues and reinforce the anti-oxidant, soothing and nourishing properties of this queen plant.

Aware that these high-altitude plants are rare and therefore fragile, we take this into account in the picking process.

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