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Discover all our secrets of picking, processing and manufacturing.

Pure Altitude is made from Edelweiss and mountain plants, known for their antioxidant properties.


Pure Altitude is made from Edelweiss and mountain plants, known for their antioxidant properties.

Our Manufacturing Secrets

Pure Altitude is made from mountain plants, renowned for their antioxidant properties. Manufacturing secrets, in the heart of the Swiss Valais. All plant practitioners will tell you: mountain plants are more concentrated in active principles, a characteristic due to the physical phenomena of altitude and the harshness of meteorological conditions. The flower develops a natural defense system to resist both low temperatures and heat. Edelweiss, also called the 'star of glaciers' or 'silver star', is among the most famous mountain plants. This perennial plant, covered with woolly white hairs, is very resistant, rare, and fragile. It is selected for its antioxidant properties. Associated with more than fifty mountain flowers and minerals, Edelweiss is at the heart of Pure Altitude formulas and treatments. Before being carefully potted, this flower goes on a good journey.

Harvested, dried, and processed in Switzerland

The Edelweiss found in Pure Altitude products comes from a 300m plot in Reppaz, a small Swiss village at 1100 meters above sea level, above Martigny. Its cultivation is guaranteed organic. In late June, during the harvest period, which takes place with the family, Edelweiss is cut by hand with a sickle to not alter the flower, leaves, and stem. Flavonoids of phenolic acid and leontopodic acid, as well as tannins, are extracted from each bract.

The dryers of Valplante

Next stop, the Valplante dryers in Sembrancher, a town that houses an agricultural cooperative in Valais, specializing in the organic cultivation of medicinal plants, all within the framework of a mountain plant preservation program. The harvest will be placed in a heat pump for three days. Only 10% of water will remain in the plant, the optimal level. The Edelweiss, similar to wool, is recovered in 45kg bales, transported to the factory after quality controls. Once dried, the plants head to Basel, to DSM Alpaflor, where they are mixed with water and alcohol, then placed in a reactor to be mixed for several hours. The resulting infusion is nitrogen-filtered before being dried and sorted again. The hydroalcoholic extract, carefully collected, is vacuum-sealed to remove ethanol. It is then mixed with 70% glycerin and natural preservatives. 200kg of finished products, obtained in three days, are transported in drums after a final filtration and quality analysis.

Edelweiss in all our formulas, made in France

The raw material is then transported to Valré,as in France. Placed in a tank, it is mixed with all Pure Altitude ingredients. After 24 hours of mixing, maceration, and cooling, the preparation can be packaged, wrapped, ready to be delivered and offer your skin the rare active extracts: the best of the mountain.

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