MARIANNE - June 23 to 29, 2022

TREKKERS. It's impossible to explore the peaks without a product that duly protects the skin against UV rays, while providing maximum comfort. This mountain treatment (it is sold by a famous Megève company) is designed to cope with the most extreme conditions. It is both photoprotective and anti-aging, thanks to the presence of edelweiss (antioxidant) and raspberry seed oil in its formula. As a bonus, it nourishes and soothes the skin. Slip it into a pocket of your hiking bag to always have it close at hand. "


GAL A - April 7, 2022


Gala April 22

GAL A - January 20, 2022

" COMFORT ZONE. Bol d'Air Pur Sun Cream, Secret des Alpes Hand Cream and Mountain Balm: the trio of this pretty Off-Piste Kit,
Pure Altitude x Mumday Mornings, €69,"


GALA - January 20, 2022

" SHURDER WITH PLEASURE IN ALTAPURA. Cabin beauty: at the helm, Pure Altitude, an alpine brand developed by Jocelyne Sibuet, a mountaineer at heart. The products contain the benefits of rare active ingredients from more than two hundred mountain plants and minerals. antioxidant and remineralizing properties, in perfect harmony with the atmosphere of these 1,000 square meters where the raw minerality of the granite softens while flirting with the bark of the birch. Everything here encourages well-being, from the indoor-outdoor swimming pool facing the Caron peak, from the Nordic spiral with waterfall shower to the igloo... In apotheosis, the seven glass cabins which let us see the white slopes."


ELLE - January 6, 2022

" TO MOUNTAIN PLANTS. High protection sun care SPF30 Bol d'Air Pur, Pure Altitude, 60ml, €69 for the limited edition Hors Piste kit containing 2 other treatments "

She January 2022

THE GOOD LIFE - December 2021 / January 2022

" SMELL - UNDER THE SIGN OF EDELWEISS. In Megève, we are proud of so many things. Even the bell-mounted carriages. And when we scratch we find little wonders of yogurt, honey, sunrises, of meadows worthy of mla Melody of happiness. And then, there is a 100% local cream. It was developed by Jocelyne Sibuet (Les Fermes de Marie, 5-star hotel) who, for thirty years, has refined it, refined it It is based on edelweiss, picked by a cooperative in Valais. This plant with its radiant design inherits from the mountains a nature forged by pure air and extreme climatic conditions. It has the character of mountain dwellers, not easy, and a capacity to survive. In German, "edel" means noble, and "weiss" means white, and by slowly unscrewing the lid of this little pot, the sensation of the mountain comes to us, enveloping, caressing with a nose of plants.

The Good Life 2021

ELLE - November 5, 2021

" FOR TRAVELING. We carry our favorite products in the Megève toiletry bag by Pure Altitude. We love its large zipper,
its XXL size which allows you to slip in your largest tubes, and its
immaculate white curls, very soft. €45. "

Elle November 2021

BENEFITS - August 2021

" BOTANICAL SCREEN . A light and protective formula, with a host of plant extracts: edelweiss, arnica, hazelnut oil... Bol d'Air Pur Sun Care SPF30 , €28 for 60 ml. "


MARIE CLAIRE IDEAS - July / August 2021

" GENEROUS . We love this portable box and its melting plant cream which protects the face and body from UV rays. Bol d'Air Pur Sun Cream SPF30 , €28 for 60 ml. "

Marie Claire Ideas

ELLE - July 23, 2021

" ALPINE SUN . The Bol d'Air Pur SPF30 sun cream from Pure Altitude protects us from the sun and oxidative stress. We like the design of the box by the illustrator Marine de Quénetain. Limited Edition Bol d'Air Pur SPF30 Cream , €28 for 60 ml.


FEMINA VERSION - From July 12 to 18, 2021

" MY SOLAIRE ESCAPE. This cream, nicely revisited by the illustrator Marine de Quénetain, protects against UV rays and repairs damaged skin. If its texture is generous, it is without white marks and even accompanied by a delicate citrus scent. Before putting it in my beach basket, I keep it in my bathroom and use it as a day cream: Bol d'Air Pur SPF30 Cream , €28 for 60 ml. "

Femina Version

HEALTH COAST - April / May 2021

Health side

" TIMELESS . With edelweiss, it is the SOS balm for the whole family. Its soothing, nourishing and protective action acts in summer and winter, Mountain Balm " 

ELLE - March 19, 2021

ELLE March 19, 2021

" NOURISHING ALPINE CREAM . Light and fluid, this smoothing and regenerating anti-aging cream is prepared from edelweiss, rosehip oil, mugwort, buddleia, imperatoria, hydraporin, acid hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000®. The benefits: It boosts cell renewal, improves collagen production and deeply nourishes the skin. €62 for 30 ml. Anti-Aging Cream " 

SHEERLUXE - March 2021

Cold Cream Sheerluxe

" COLD CREAMS: WHY THEY'RE SO POPULAR AGAIN . This is hard to get hold of but it's worth the shipping fees. Available from the Les Fermes de Marie spa in the Alpine resort of Megève, it's incredibly rich, thanks to beeswax, glacier water and edelweiss. The brightening formula works to hydrate, smooth, fight off damaging pollution and cleanse away the day's dirt. It was designed to feel like cashmere, so you can expect it to have a softening and cosseting texture that cocoons the skin in much -needed moisture. Use it on the face or body – wherever you feel you need it most – and you'll reap benefits within days. Its rich texture makes it especially effective for those with dry, mature skin, but it can be used on those with delicate skin too, including children, babies and pregnant women. You'll also love the soft orange blossom and sandalwood scent. Cold Cream "



" THE DUO ESCAPADE . No skiing, so what? Hand in hand, we escape for a walk in the snow with these metal boxes at the bottom of the bag, perfect when it's cold: SPF30 treatment, repairing balm , hand cream... and lip balm for soft kisses. Hors Piste Kit "


Aesthetic News

" HEAD TO THE MOUNTAIN. This year we're discovering the mountains differently... And to be accompanied in this new adventure, Pure Altitude has collaborated with the famous Mumday Mornings to offer the Off-Piste Kit. It contains the essentials for extreme protection and a total repair: the Bol d'Air Pur Sun Cream, the Secret des Alpes Hand Cream, the Mountain Balm and the Gourmandise des Alpes Lip Balm. Off-Piste Kit "

CURRENT WOMAN - February 2021

Current wife

" BEAUTY SECRETS FROM THE COLD. IN THE ALPS: ANTIOXIDANT EDELWEISS. This little white flower is less fragile than it seems. Growing on the Alpine peaks, the one nicknamed the star of the glaciers resists very large temperature variations. How? By having developed exceptional capacities for regeneration, adaptation and self-defense. No wonder labs appreciate it so much when working on moisturizing treatments with antioxidant properties. C is for me? Your skin is attacked on a daily basis by an urban environment? Edelweiss is made for you. Regenerating day cream, radiance serum or nourishing treatment, it comforts the skin by providing a powerful anti-radical action. Edelweiss Cream No. 1 "

OUR TIME – February 2021

Our time

" QUICKLY MY BALM. A treatment based on edelweiss, seven essential oils and shea, which smells of the plants of the peaks. A small dab massage on the lips, cheeks or hands and the skin comes back to life. Our Opinion : A very soothing formula. We like its little extra: the possibility of personalizing the label to offer a little softness to those we love. Baume des Montagnes "

MIDI - February 2021

Midi Press Review

" LA MONTAGNE SOURCE OF BEAUTY. ICE MILK. Ideal for hydrating and toning the body, this milk with edelweiss and Arctic berry oil soothes redness and softens the skin. Red vine extract also helps to make it more toned and provide a draining effect. All with a feeling of invigorating freshness! Snow Velvet Body Milk . "

BENEFITS - January 2021


" THE MOUNTAIN OF THE PIONEERS. ALTITUDE FLOWERS . Jocelyne Sibuet, owner of Fermes de Marie, had the idea of ​​creating an alpine garden with a botanist specializing in mountain plants. This is how she discovered the virtues edelweiss cosmetics. The result is creams, milks, serums... which create divine skin. €25 per bottle of Lait des Alpages with edelweiss and arnica . "

SMART MAGAZINE - January 2021

smart magazine

" BEAUTY MADE IN AUVERGNE RHÔNE ALPES . Universal facial cream with edelweiss. The protective and moisturizing active ingredients of edelweiss and mountain plants act so that exposed, abused or stressed skin regains suppleness and softness. A use as a day and/or night cream without moderation! Edelweiss N°1 Cream "

CREATIVE HOUSE - January 2021

Creative House

" MADE IN MEGEVE. In the bathroom, which combines wood and imitation slate tiles, the cosmetics are all by Pure Altitude, a brand with mountain plants, designed in Megève. "


the 3 valleys

" MADEMOISELLE DES CIMES . Restorative SOS Mountain Balm , Pure Altitude. "

ELLE - November 2020

" MEGEVE ANTI-COLD KIT . The perfect antidote to facing the cold-sun combo on the slopes? The natural Megève brand with mountain plants Pure Altitude, which is full of new products this winter. To test: a very nourishing lip balm with Alpine beeswax (€22), a " cracker" containing three products in travel size (scrub, mask and edelweiss cream) and the Off-Piste Kit which includes the essentials of extreme protection on the slopes (sun cream, balm, etc.) "

BEAUTY SPA - October 2020

beauty spa

" I TRIED THE BODY TREATMENTS . The most high altitude. Long live the mountains and the oxygen. The most: Great protocol and super practitioner. Exceptional care. Energy Ritual of the Alps, 80 minutes, Pure Altitude Spa of the 'Hotel Altapura , Val Thorens. '



" TOUR DE FRANCE BEAUTÉ . Pure Altitude. With its mountain plant treatments (edelweiss, gentian, etc.) this brand has established itself as one of the most advanced in the Savoy region. Special mention to the new summer products: a body oil and hair , SPF30 sunscreen and an ultra-practical travel kit including 4 cult treatments. "



" TRENDY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS . Edelweiss is anti-radical, antioxidant, anti-aging and protective. It regenerates the epidermis and guarantees optimal hydration to the skin. "

FORBES - April 2020


" MOTHER'S DAY GIFT GUIDE . Bol d'Air Pur Face Care Set from Fermes de Marie. "



" READY TO WEAR MASK . Pure Altitude is launching its first Fabric Mask in organic cotton. A real anti-thirst potion, full of a fluid and light serum, this 100% natural and biodegradable organic fabric mask, with edelweiss and active ingredients polar, is an intensive hydration concentrate that restores the skin's natural water balance. A true hydrating and regenerating cocktail, it guarantees hydration for 12 hours. Thus hydrated and regenerated, the skin is comfortable and plumped, the complexion radiant . Fabric mask with Edelweiss . "

MAXX - April 2020


" CONFINED BUT BEAUTIFUL . To fight against oxidative stress, here is the new essential for Him. Moisturizing and energizing cream with alpine complex , Pure Altitude. "

SOLO - March 2020


" THE MOUNTAIN FLOWER . And when it comes from the queen of the flowers, we inadvertently touch the legendary mountain. With anti-aging properties that regenerate cellular structures and nourish the skin, the alpine herb is the basis for anything trapped in Pure Altitude lines . "

YOU - February 2020


" COLD CREAM'S COOL COMEBACK . The product that set it all off was from Pure Altitude, a range from Les Fermes de Marie spa in the Alpine resort of Megève. Its Cold Cream formula includes beeswax, Mont Blanc glacier water and organic edelweiss to fight free radicals (cell-damaging molecules caused by pollution and light). Unlike my traditional take on cold cream, as a cleaner, this is a bit of a rich moisturizer. It isn't exactly wrinbkle-busting stuff but it does leave skin feeling plumper and super-hydrated. Also it's currently only available onlinef rom the spa "

NEW AESTHETICS - February 2020

the new aesthetics

" LIKE SNOW . Pure Altitude offers a new edition of its legendary Cold Cream with beeswax from the Alps and water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers . A real skin jacket, with an ultra-nourishing and natural formula, it is the ideal treatment to gently face winter, protect yourself from the cold, soften and comfort the skin of young and old alike .

THE FAN - February 2020

the Belgian fan

" SOFT SKIN ALL SCHUSS . It smells so good that you could roll in it! Cold Cream with beeswax from the Alps and water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers .

Baume des Montagnes SOS repair, face and body.

Did the product slip into the pocket of his wetsuit? SPF30 sunscreen and SPF15 lip stick for skiing. Combistick Pure Altitude

FULL LIFE - February 2020

full life

" ANTI-COLD CREAMS FOR A COZY WINTER . A treatment concentrated in beeswax from the Alps, organic sesame and jojoba oils, shea soothe and restore the hydrolipidic film. Water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers is combined with hyaluronic acid and organic edelweiss, three anti-aging components. Cold Cream Pure Altitude "

MORE MAGAZINE - February 2020

More Magazine

" BEAUTYCASE . For the whole family Cold Cream with beeswax from the Alps and water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers , Pure Altitude. "

PURE COURCHEVE L - February 2020

Pure Courchevel

" IN BEAUTY . All the effectiveness and gentleness of Pure Altitude mountain plant treatments like this moisturizing and energizing cream with alpine complex for men. "

GALA - February 2020


" LES FERMES DE MARIE, THE MOST DECO . Inspired by English health farms, it is (again) Jocelyne, a pioneer at heart, who imagined the spa area, but also the Pure Altitude care line whose formulas are full of mountain plants. To celebrate its thirtieth anniversary, the space - 13 cabins - has had a makeover with entirely green walls. To see . "

ELLE - February 2020


"COMPLETELY FROST . Like a thin layer of snow that has settled on your nails. Edelweiss by Manucurist polish. "

TOP HEALTH - January 2020

Top Health

" A COLD CREAM . When the cold becomes bitter, during winter sports or in extreme conditions, nourishment is no longer enough, it is necessary to form a barrier to the elements to protect the epidermis. The cold cream, whose recipe ancestral is based on beeswax, sweet almond oil and rose water, is the most suitable formula. Cold Cream with beeswax from the Alps and water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers , €32 for 50ml, Pure Altitude "

FEMINA - December 2019

Femina Switzerland

" COZY RELAXATION IN MEGEVE . The extra something. Pure Altitude products used for the treatment. Pure Altitude Spa Les Fermes de Marie - Megève"

ELLE - December 2019


" DOUDOU CREAM . The Alpine brand Pure Altitude is launching its Cold Cream with Alpine beeswax, organic edelweiss and Mont-Blanc glacier water. It protects from the cold, softens the epidermis and comforts the skin. For adults and the little ones."

CURRENT WOMAN - November 2019

Press article Femme Actuelle

" DOUDOUNE CREAM . To protect your skin from the bites of winter, this ultra-nourishing Cold Cream is based on beeswax from the Alps, water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers and raspberry seed oil. It is suitable for all skin types. Cold Cream Pure Altitude , €32 for 50 ml, in pharmacies, perfumeries, institutes and on "

ELLE - November 2019


" TEDDY MANIA . Face down jacket. With water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers and beeswax from the Alps. Cold Cream Pure Altitude , €32 "

NANCY WOMEN - November 2019

nancy Women

" SO TARTAN . Fleurs de Neige scented candle , 190gr, 50 hours burning time, Pure Altitude €48. Fleurs de Neige bath salts , Pure Altitude, €42 "

PUBLIC - November 2019



MIDI - November 2019

Article Midi

" THE MOST VIBRANT . In contact with the epidermis, this vibrating massage stylus, composed of germanium, provides better oxygenation of the cells and acts on the firming of tissues. Result: your skin instantly appears less tired. Pure gold ( 24 carats) serves, for its part, as an antioxidant and repairer. Germanium Repair massage stylus from Pure Altitude, €130, available on "

PRIMA - November 2019

Article Prima

" 60 GIFTS MADE IN FRANCE . Cream Like Snow, Pure Altitude, €58 "

GRAZIA - May 2019

The beauty farm collector's pouch in Grazia magazine

" BIRTHDAY GIRL . Bol d'Air Pur, Baume des Montagnes, Secret or Gourmandise des Alpes? For the 30th anniversary of Fermes de Marie, we treat ourselves (in the absence of a night in a hotel) to these four small round boxes delivered in a collector's pouch. La Ferme de Beauté Pure Altitude x Les Fermes de Marie, Pure Altitude, €39. "

HERE IS - March 2019

Rich Anti-Aging Cream in the magazine Voici
"Edelweiss and Siberian rhodiola form a duo of extreme plants ideal for blocking free radicals and activating cellular regeneration. The result is firmer skin. Rich Anti-Aging Cream, LiftAlpes, €80, Pure Altitude . "

ELLE - February 2019

"The ideal is to massage on cleansed skin, before applying the products (vegetable oil, serum or sheet mask), which will penetrate better. The massage should never hurt! continues Lionel Benedetti, cosmetologist. All the manuals Use recommends the same practice: from bottom to top of the face and from the inside to the outside. Vibrating. Germanium Repair, €130, Pure Altitude. "

By Valentine Pétry. Directed by Julie Chanut-Bombard

BENEFITS - February 2019

Pure Altitude Jade Roller

"An anti-puffiness roller. Knowing that this funny object was the favorite tool of Chinese empresses to chase away bad vibes and fine lines already makes my skin happy. How to use it? Child's play. Store it in the fridge for the invigorating effect, then twirl it - morning and evening - on clean skin with a bit of cream for gliding. I roll the smallest stone with a windshield wiper movement around the edge of the eye . The iced jade quickly deflates my lemur eyes and wakes up my numb mind. I then attack the rest of my face. 5 minutes of smoothing movements later, my skin is already more relaxed. My wrinkles, on the other hand, are zero miracles in sight... but the calming effect is there and it is already a first step." Jade Roller, €31, on

OUR TIME - February 2019

"Plants that occur in extreme conditions have caught the attention of cosmetologists. Because they are full of active ingredients with superpowers, they pamper our skin. A cocktail of alpine flowers combined with water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers protect , revitalize and nourish devitalized skin. LiftAlpes Anti-Aging Rich Cream: €80 for 50ml (Pure Altitude)

By Monique Fort. Photo Bernard Winkleman



Rich Anti-Aging Cream in Le Quotidien Luxembourg magazine

"There's nothing better than offering your skin a cocktail of alpine flowers combined with water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers. This high-regeneration cream protects, revitalizes, intensely nourishes and plumps devitalized skin. A trio of anti-aging active ingredients. -powerful age: hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, Matrixyl, vitamin E, rhodiola rosea, organic silicon. LiftAlpes Rich Anti-Aging Cream from Pure altitude, €80. "

ELLE - January 2019

Edelweiss . A remineralizing effect to quickly counter the crocodile skin effect on the legs. Snow Velvet Body Milk, Good Kisses from Megève, Pure Altitude , 200ml, €44.

By Elisabeth Martorell, Valentine Pétry and Isabelle Sansonetti

GALA - January 2019

Pure Altitude Velours de Neige Body Milk in Gala magazine

"Good kisses from Megève, the limited edition of Pure Altitude Snow Velvet Body Milk, with pastel illustrations of edelweiss, chalets, fir trees and skis, is a nod to the Alps, the geographical origins of the brand. And always a hyperhydrating formula that combines edelweiss - the brand's star active ingredient -, malachite, Arctic berries and St. John's wort. 200ml, €44, "

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